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July 24 & 25, 2007, in New York City

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The Best Companies for Multi-cultural Women’s Conference brings together, high-achieving, high potential Asian, African- American, Latina, Caucasian, and Native American women from across Corporate America.

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Asian Women Leadership Network Break Out Session
Working Mother Media Best Companies for Women of Color Multicultural Conference
Sheraton New York Hotel
811 Seventh Ave.
New York, New York
Empire East Room
Tuesday, July 24, 2007 from 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm

AWLN is proud to present Nadine Wong, who was recently recognized by Barron’s as one of the Top 100 Women Financial Advisers in the United States. Nadine will share her career from Ford Fashion model, architect to one of the nation’s top financial advisers. Members of the Asian Women Leadership Network’s Founding Sisters Circle, senior executive women from major corporations, will share their pearls of wisdom on navigating the corporate workplace.

Come learn about AWLN, an organization dedicated to Asian women. Our tagline: "Fulfilling Potential and Advancing Leaders" embodies our mission and goal

AWLN’s mission is to encourage Asian women to achieve their full potential as individuals and leaders, both professionally and personally, through a variety of career development activities, leadership and benchmarking initiatives. Our goal is to promote the advancement and achieve equitable representation of Asian women in leadership positions by enabling them to maximize their contribution and business value to their organizations.


The AWLN Founding Sisters Circle is a core group of 100 mid to high-level women in both the public and private sectors dedicated to the advancement and leadership development of Asian women.  The AWLN Founding Sisters signal a next stage of growth for AWLN, as we enter into a phase of institution building and membership expansion.  As role models for our national membership, our 100 Founding Sisters will lead the development of future Asian women leaders, increase their public visibility, and expand AWLN’s resource and fundraising capacity.

Click here for more information on the nomination process and form.

Cross-Cultural Women's Symposium: Asianas & Latinas Navigating the Corporate Workplace

Awareness through interactive theater

On March 19, 2007 in New York City, AWLN and Madrinas, through the sponsorship of JPMorgan Chase, IBM and Colgate-Palmolive, Johnson & Johnson, Futureworks Institute, Pepsi Co. and L'Oreal, presented an evening of exploring the cross cultural workplace challenges for Asiana and Latina women in Corporate America. The goals of the symposium were to raise awareness of culturally specific issues, sharpen leadership skills and encourage cross-cultural and cross-sector networking.

house picture

The opening dialogue scripted by Lily Tang and our Madrinas’ partner, Lydia Rosa, gave us a great kick off. The session aided in conversations about how we all might be including and excluding others without even being aware of it, in formal and more informal conversations and events. People weren’t reserved they asked hard questions like - How much do you compromise of yourself? Should the workplace meet you half way? Or should you conform to the workplace? The event touched on common themes and spoke to skills Asian women and Latinas can learn to increase visibility, credibility, and professional effectiveness.

The scenes transformed the workshop into a living laboratory where participants safely examined complex and difficult workplace issues. The participants were highly engaged during the interactive theater and took advantage of the networking while enjoying wonderful music, great food and a raffle of leadership books and a Colgate-Palmolive goody bag.


Platinum Sponsors: JPMorgan Chase (Host), IBM, De Valk Associates, Inc.

Gold Sponsors: Colgate-Palmolive Company, Johnson & Johnson, L’Oreal

Silver Sponsor: Future Work Institute

AWLN Celebrates it’s 2nd Anniversary

Sustaining Success! The Asian Women Leadership Network (AWLN) on December 5, 2006 proudly celebrated it's two year anniversary. What started as a brief brainstorming idea at a Working Mother Media Women of Color Multicultural Conference, through the leadership and forethought of a few women, is now a 300 member (representative of 50+ companies) strong network. The intent of the network is to accelerate the professional development of Asian women as leaders and to educate the business world as to the wealth these women bring to the table. It was also announced that through the sustained efforts of the Executive Committee and passionate Board members, AWLN is proud to also announce their new 501(c)(3) status as a non-profit organization.

Despite the busy holiday season, we had a good turnout. Meow Yee, co-founder & President of AWLN, kicked off the event followed by keynote address by Suzanne Riss, editor-in-chief of Working Mother Magazine. Suzanne shared her perspective and "pearls of wisdom". We were honored to have present Deborah M. Soon, VP of Marketing & Executive Leadership Initiatives, June Yee Felix, General Manager of Global Banking Solutions of IBM & Diana Lee, SVP of Human Resources at MTV networks & Nickelodeon Kids. They all gave us valuable points to note around, career strategy and work-life balancing tactics. Good takeaways were tips on the importance and how best to select role models and mentors, the priceless nature of networking, encouraged visibility through public speaking - one of the most important tools to develop, time management and personal branding - manage how people see you.

The event was then opened up to "Open Mike" for member testimonials. Many shared their appreciation and enthusiasm around belonging to AWLN. Janice Won, Cofounder and EVP of AWLN, closed the session with encouragements to use the rest of the evening to network and enjoy the value of the those gathered.

Golf and Business

Article by Stella Wong
a b/w headshot of Liz Young a color headshot of Marjorie Jones

We were honored to have Liz Young (a specialist in cross-cultural communication and diversity training) and Marjorie Jones (a teaching professional, PGA, LPGA) give us insights on how golf plays an important role in developing business relationships and a beginners summary of the game.

Liz discussed the “unwritten rules of golf”:

  • Let your colleagues know you are interested in playing golf.

  • Consider taking a lesson(s) to learn the fundamentals of a golf swing.

  • Tell your partners you are new at the game. Play “Ready golf”.

  • Build rapport and relationships, golf is just the forum.  It is not your golf game that counts most.

  • Engage in appropriate small talk while playing.  However, definitely participate in the post-golf refreshments for business discussions and establishing contact.

  • Show confidence and control in challenging situations.  It reflects your personality and character.

  • Play by the rules and count all your strokes.  It demonstrates your integrity.

  • Be a team player and a considerate golfer.

  • Play to your strengths.

After the discussion, Marjorie demonstrated the fundamentals of a golf swing and shared her learning experiences.  It was concluded with networking and practicing opportunities at the driving range with a golf simulator.

It was an evening full of fun discussion and sport.  I just might take golf lessons as a personal development goal for 2007!

We are also now posting details and links for upcoming Affiliates’ events as a resource to our members.  Information is posted on the Events page.  If you know of other events of interest to AWLN members, please send details to communications@awln.org.