Founding Sisters - Circle of 100



The AWLN Founding Sisters Circle is a core group of 100 mid to high-level women in both the public and private sectors dedicated to the advancement and leadership development of Asian women.  The AWLN Founding Sisters signal a next stage of growth for AWLN, as we enter into a phase of institution building and membership expansion.  As role models for our national membership, our 100 Founding Sisters will lead the development of future Asian women leaders, increase their public visibility, and expand AWLN’s resource and fundraising capacity.

Those nominated to be a Founding Sister should be a mid to high level career executive (minimum of 5 years work experience) who has demonstrated a commitment to developing and advancing Asian women leaders.  If selected, a Founding Sister will be asked to devote three to five days per year in a mentorship capacity to AWLN members.  These mentorship activities may include sharing lessons learned through a written piece on AWLN’s website, in one-on-one sessions with a designated AWLN member, as a public speaker, on a conference panel, webinar or workshop on a topic of her choice that is consistent with AWLN’s mission and goals.  Founding Sisters may also introduce AWLN to their company’s affinity networks, diversity leaders or strategic partners.

AWLN is now accepting nominations for the Founding Sisters Circle.  If you would like to nominate a colleague, we ask that you and your nominee prepare and submit the attached Nomination Form (a sisterhood-building activity itself!) to the address or email listed below.  As part of the evaluation process, nominees are asked to provide a resume or bio, and submit short responses (1-3 sentences) to the following questions:

  1. What are the strengths or the skills that you will bring to AWLN and their members?
  2. How will you use your skills/experience to develop Asian women leaders or promote AWLN?
  3. How much time will you be able to dedicate to developing and advancing Asian women?

If accepted, Founding Sisters will also be asked to provide AWLN with a short biography and a photo for the AWLN website and other publication use.  Self nominations will also be accepted, though we encourage colleagues to nominate each other.

Finally, we are asking that Founding Sisters make a contribution to AWLN of $200, as a symbol of serious long term commitment to investing in future legacy of Asian American women’s leadership.  Her contribution along with the contributions of 99 of her fellow Founding Sisters will help us begin to develop and deliver high quality educational programs, networking events, maintain communications, brochure and website, and fund research and benchmarking. 

AWLN expects to publicly announce the complete list of 100 Founding Sisters later this year.

Nomination Process:

The nominator, or self-nominator, must complete the Nomination Form and submit the completed form, along with the resume or bio of the nominee, to:

Questions regarding the AWLN Founding Sisters Circle can also be directed to the email address.

Selection Process:

Nominees will be notified of receipt of Nomination Form by AWLN Founding Sister Circle Committee, and may be invited to speak with a member of the Committee.  The Committee will notify nominators and nominees of decisions.

If invited to join the AWLN Founding Sisters Circle, the Founding Sister will need to provide AWLN with a short biography, as well as a photo for web and other publication use.

AWLN Founding Sister Circle Committee:

Phoebe Eng, Director

Lily Tang, Director

Sunita Chaudhuri, Director

Janice Won, AWLN EVP